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The Consume Memory Depot

"A moment on the lips. A month on the hips"

Applies to Consume more then any other convention.
To that end, we have decided to offer the following fabulous low-calorie useful keepsakes . Think of us the next time you are making dinner, while wearing your ultra-fashionable Consume Apron ($20.00 forrest green with white ink) or buying far too many books to fill your wonderful Consume Tote bag ($15.00 natural with green ink) at the next huckster room you visit.
SPECIAL DEAL!!!!!!!! Pre-register and get $5.00 off each item, and $5.00 off registration too!!!!

Remember Rule of Aquisition Number 251:
Never Pay Full Price for Anything!

apron totebag
The Ultra Fashionable Apron
The Wonderful Consume Tote bag
Artwork for Apron and Tote bag Provided by the Famous Ken Fletch