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Consume / Relaxacon 2004
10/15 10/16 10/17

Programming Schedule for Krushenko's Room

9pm-2am Tales of the Unanticipated Party celebrating this long-standing Minnesota SF semi-prozine, which recently published its 25th issue. The party includes
ca 10:30-11p The Godzilla Files: A reading by Eric M. Heideman (GoH) of the Godzilla Controversy that raged through TOTU (Tales of the Unanticipated) #14-#19.

10:50am-12:55pm Join the Krushenko's Staff in watching Gojiri (Japan, 1954, Video Room) followed by Kids Talk About Godzilla (Consuite). This is the original pre-Raymond Burr version of Godzilla.
1:00-1:40pm Discussion: "In Memoriam: H. P. Lovecraft, Fay Wray, and Christopher Reeve". An affectionate look at the life and achievements of Lovecraft (1890-1937), Wray (1907-2004), and Reeve (1952-2004).
1:45-3:45pm The Godzilla Research Association Siminar hosted by conference chairman Dr. Richard L. Gellman, JD, (aka Dr. Knowledge) assisted by Eric M. Heideman. Presentations/Discussions include:
1:45-2:05 "Godzilla: Orphan Child of a Cold War Atomic Age - and Its Iconic Mythos": Why, Godzilla? There have been other giant monsters - but Godzilla seems, worldwide, to be first among equals among giants. Why? Did it just have a good publicist? It isn't The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) that they keep making films about. It's Godzilla!
2:10-2:30 "Godzilla Considered as a Freelance Terrorist". Terrorism is so much in the news these days. What is a terrorist? If Godzilla were stomping around today (and had been doing so periodically for 50 years), how would that affect Japanese society? How would it affect Japan's international relations? Flight schedules? Power transmissions? (To say nothing of the global economy.) Would there be a religion centered on Godzilla? What would it be like?
2:35-2:55 "What Would Rodan Do?" A look at the modern world and how Japanese film monsters would react to it. How would Rodan and its colleagues respond to inflation, global warming, fluidic ethics, human species centrism, self-serving hypocrisy... and poetry slams? Other thought provoking ideas welcome.
3:00-3:20 "Out of the (Water) Closet": Godzilla and Sex. What is Godzilla's sex? What are Godzilla's views on Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender issues, and sexual relations, among prehistoric creatures and radiation induced monsters? How many zillas are there?
3:25-3:45 "So Godzilla and Mothra Walk into a Bar..." Cross-cultural fertilization between cliched Western humor and Japanese Film Monsters. Bring your tired old jokes to be recast using Godzilla and "friends".
3:50-4:45pm Discussion: From Print to Screen. On the past present and future of speculative fiction adapted from novels, stories, graphic novels, and comix into movies and miniseries. Why do comic books and graphic novels make such good movies? What else should be adapted, and whom would you cast? What SF books and stories would you like to see as movies and teleplays? Which ones need to be remade - and why? What approach would you take if you were the director? How faithful to, or different from, the original would you make them? Who would you cast?
4:50-5:45pm Discussion: Down the Rabbit Hole. Participants share stories about how they got "hooked" on SF (including science fiction, horror and fantasy). What books, magazines, TV & radio broadcasts, games, toys, etc. made you love "The Stuff" and keep coming back for more? A Diversicon-style discussion.
9:00pm-2:00am Diversicon Party, celebrating this Twin Cities multicultural, multimedia convention to be next held August 19-21, 2005, with Guest of Honor Sheree R. Thomas. It will be Diversicon 13.

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